September 13, 2005

For whom...

Well, my Thesis is finally over..and with it ends one of the longest sagas in the history of Darmstadt...hahaha...I don't know how easy it is for others to have a Schadenfreude of their own selves and actions, but for me it is all the same. I am only relieved that it is all done and dusted..good or bad, it is over.

So many trials and was a case of
trial and terror (the 't' is not a typo) for me all through this time, losing friends at a time when I needed them badly, and it was a strange sense of de ja vu every time when, as they say, another bird flew off the nest. Reasons were given, but none asked, of why it took so long for it to finish, or why I took so long to finish it (both do not necessarily mean the same). But except the fewest of the few, no one was there to cheer the end of the Thesis, save me. And that was all that mattered. I am still there, as proud and sanguine as ever, with the past behind me..I would love to write more, but at a later date.

For now, I would just present the poem that I wrote in the
Dedication section of my Thesis report. It reflects my state of mind during my Thesis, and how I felt about finishing it, and to whom and why it was dedicated. Many may not agree with me, and most will just brush me off as another sick weasel that has forgotten its destination, but I care less...for the moment, all that matters is..I have finished my Thesis. Do you hear me? I-have-finished-my-Thesis.

I am a wary, way-laid traveller...
Left with nothing but my spirit.
But a spirit which refuses to flicker,
For ages it has but not been lit.

Do I deserve to go ahead,
After all that's transpired,
Or should I just stop dead,
For sure I'm no more inspired.

I can't see any one on the wait,
Who will hold me in their arms,
When I've got the better of my fate,
One who can conjure up those charms.

And then I hear some one say,
Hey wait, you do have some one,
May be they are light years away,
For them, let this work be done.

They may not know your pain,
But they know who you are,
The phoenix that time and again,
Rises to give destiny a scare.

“To them I dedicate this work...

To my parents...”

September 05, 2005

Gabel und Messer

I had known all along that my German was not bad. But today (Sunday- Sept. 4), while working at my coffee shop, I found that it was not just 'not bad', but also good enough to compose a poem (hehehe...). I was having a pizza, and was fiddling around with a knife and fork. It was then that this brainwave hit me.

"Warum brauche ich Gabel und Messer,
Wann mit Hand geht es besser..."
(Translation: "Why do I need a knife and fork, when with my hand it would do better...")

Watch out folks, who knows may be another Goethe is in the making!!!