June 29, 2005

'Comma' or 'Coma' - Back with a bang

Hmm...comatose I would call it..the huuuuugggeee break I had between my last post and the current one..let me calculate...April 6th was the last one..today is June 29th..this makes it 84 days..man that was indeed comatose!!!

Well, I had been sort of busy with my work but that is not a reason for not writing regularly, especially when the actual reason I started this blog was to keep my writing skills alive, and also as a detour from my schedule. Na, forget it then...better now and late than never again at all!!! And boy..do I have something to write? Why, hell a lot...so pardon me meine liebe Damen und Herren if I decide to choke you with so much stuff all at one go.

And talking of being 'comatose', this quip crossed my mind some time back..I promise you it is original and I made it up myself:

"Every one faces problems at some time or the other in his life. Those who take it as a 'comma' and get on with life, make history. Those who take it as a 'coma' and plunge deep into it, become history!!!"

So I think the basic difference in facing a problem is in whether you consider it just a 'comma' and carry on, or a 'coma' and fade into oblivion!!! Boy...am I thinking up stuff....Well, I just came out of a 'coma', eh? So I can be forgiven for that I guess...that is, atleast until my next 'coma'!!!