October 19, 2005

'U' and 'I'

Aeons came and aeons went past,
But I always felt something missing,
So cruel that time slips by fast,
Too hazy for me to realize a thing.

Was it love or just something cheap,
I can but only stare and wonder,
'Tween me and ye lay a chasm so deep,
Me stranded here and you over yonder.

Was it trust or belief shatter'd,
That caused us to part our ways?
But what use it is, all that matter'd
Was the truth, we haven't met for days.

I do know dear what's missing,
I saw across aeons the vowels queue,
They had in them almost everything,
Except may be dear, just 'I' and 'U'.

Note: 'Aeon'
- alternate spelling for 'eon', meaning 'age'.