March 31, 2009

Re-locating and Contesting Elections

Well, finally am there. After a maniacal 8-year period in Germany, I have decided to re-locate to India. And the timing is not, by the way, coincidental.

I would be contesting as an independent candidate in the on-coming parliamentary elections (Lok Sabha) 2009 as an Independent Candidate from Chennai Central. I am planning to request as my election symbol Mr.A-S-S (no vulgarity intended, I am meaning the animal Donkey itself).

Well, the Democrats in USA have the Ass as their symbol. Politicians in India have been making an ass out of us people for so long. So I thought that symbolically and logically, I must have the ass as a symbol (STOP!!! Do not ask me whose ass...THAT would be vulgarity!!!)

Am not sure if I would be allotted the symbol, but have already got enough signatures to back me up for approval as a candidate.

It is a small step now, but am sure it will be a bigger stride for the future, for a better India. So ladies and gentlemen, any one who can vote for me, please do so. And those who can't, please send in your support and wishes.

As always yours with Cheers :)
Bhavishya Neta (Future Leader),