August 29, 2008

Back from hibernation

OK..the pause has really been too long, more than 2 1/2 years. There are quite a few reasons for me for having discontinued with my blogging, the foremost being the mother of all causes - laziness. In technical terms, a body in inertia needs a high starting force (or torque) to start it and set it in motion. Well, put "laziness" instead of inertia, and "kick on the butt" for starting force/torque, and there you have it - the recipe for getting out of literary coma.

What caused this inertia? And what was the proverbial kick on the B? The fact I was looking for a job that time back in 2006, and the consequential dis-attention I gave to writing, was one. And the raison d'etre behind my attempt to revitalize the blog? Was feeling really dissed and de-motivated about me, my life and pretty much lots of things around me.

Well, I guess that keeping up a blog, and the motivation to keep it alive, is good enough a way to spend time meaningfully and gear myself up for greater things. Let me see if I maintain it, or much like many other things I am known to do, leave it stranded in its nascent stages again.

There has to be a start somewhere, somehow, and here it is. (Thank you Al Bundy) Let's rock!!!