July 20, 2005

Stillborn Fantasy

Hmm..the comma is really turning into a coma..so let me get my paper and pen again (or as you may call in the age of computers, "...let me get my fingers on the keyboard...") Though it may seem to be quite a break between my previous and current posts, I was not snoozing in the meantime. I was, as usual in the past, busy with my Thesis which is certainly nearing its conclusion, but also writing up some posts for the blog, which have as yet not been published. They have to wait, at least for the time-being.

I started writing a novel some 2 years back, but as befits my dilettante nature, I discontinued it after writing some pages. Partly because of this, and partly because I was forever changing the theme of the novel, I did not deem it fit to continue writing it, at least at that moment. A lot has changed since, my outlook on certain events among other things, and I thought the time was ripe to restart it. Well, things may happen, my outlook may change and so will the theme of the novel, but I decided to nevertheless carry on with it. I can not let this baby of mine be any more stillborn. Let me whack the life out of this moribund effort.

As with the theme, the title of the novel also has changed many times. What started as Metamorphosis became Diplomatic Immunity and later turned out to be Guest Appearance. So much for my determination to write a book, and a Novel (with a capital N) at that. I am not sure what I will name it now, or if the title will persist to the end, but one thing is certain. I am determined to continue with my endeavour :-) (yeah, I can hear your guffaws...take it out on me), even if it means only a few lines at a time. As they say, Rome was not built in a day.

So, let the magic begin...

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