August 18, 2005

An epic in six words

It is a poem I composed almost 4 years ago, when I was new to Germany. My German was horrible, save for a few basic words, and my Hindi close to zilch. It was under such momentuous circumstances that I composed this wonder of a poem, if you would call it so. It consists of just six words - yes, just six in all. Two German, two Hindi and two English words.

It is all about the musings - or ramblings for that is what it is - of a poor lover about his beloved. He is so desparate to show-case his love to her that he is lost for words, and is all at sea as to what language to use. So he uses all the three mentioned above. Concisely.

Tum bin, ich bin, dust bin...

Here is a translation:

Tum bin (Hindi) - without you
ich bin (German) - I am
dust bin (English) - of course what it is, dust bin!!!

An epic in six words, eh??? But I am one who firmly believes that language is no bar to express your love. Or, to put it thus, "No dictionary is useful to him who can not understand the language of the heart..." Am becoming too amorous, I guess.


ashutosh said...

well said.

Anonymous said...

tremendous bhuvan anna ...abhishek dutta..that was gr8

Anonymous said...

how about osama bin?

Who else ;-) said...

Hey.... one of the shortest yet cutest poem i hav ever read..... :-)

Thnx... same here...Tum bin ich bin dust bin ;-)