November 15, 2005


n. pl. in·ter·reg·nums or in·ter·reg·na (-n)
  1. The interval of time between the end of a sovereign's reign and the accession of a successor.
  2. A period of temporary suspension of the usual functions of government or control.
  3. A gap in continuity.
What is happening? Am I lazy? Or have I simply run out of steam? If anything is sure, it is that I have definitely not run out of ideas to write a few words on this blog. Well, I do not mean just typing what I feel, because even though this is supposed to be a personal blog, I understood long back it had transcended that barrier and become public property. Meaning, I have an unspoken responsibility towards the readers of this blog, and take care not to just spew trash in the name of a blog. That would be simply unfair of me, irrespective of what every one else says or does.

So does that mean I write a rigmarole everytime my fingers kiss the keyboard? Write only of cerebral or esoteric stuff? Nay, that is not why I started writing this blog for. I wanted to put in words my experiences here in Germany, so that I can re-live them, and also let the readers relish them. And I do have wonderful experiences every day. Though I would love to blog every one of those, I think it is not worthwhile, as such an exercise will only tone down the intensity of my blogs about other more pen-worthy experiences.

So, I have decided to do this. Make it a point to write atleast a post a week, probably more, but at the same time keep them worthy of being read by every one. This means I have to exercise my 'grey cells' at least once a week, so that I am always blog-ready. It is also good way to keep my brain active, what with my lazy lifestyle at the moment - having finished my course and just applying for jobs, and doing some part-time jobs, and of course, having fun. It is time that I start using other areas of my brain (Ooooh...enough said...get on with something else da...)

There are some 'events' that I wanted to write about very badly, but simply could not do it so far. I would write about them in the coming days. Some of them may be deemed unpalatable to some people - I mean the way I saw them and see even now. But it is imperative that I write what I feel, because if I do not defend myself, no one else will.

And then, there was this piece that my classmate Ms. Pallavi Rao sent me. She wanted me to post a blog on this piece - an extract from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. Now, how many times have we seen his name cropping up out of nowhere, and every time there is a gasp, with people finding it quite unfathomable why on earth would onle like to disturb his ghost? Well, in this piece Mr. Hitler refers to India (the British colony of India, that is), and Pallavi wanted that I post my views on this. Well, I would not post a literary criticism on it, but just express my views on how relevant the issues expressed thereof are to the present-day country that is India. But I need some time to read it and do a write-up. Patience.

The following events deserve mention, and a few lines of blogspace here:

1. The Diwali function(s) at Darmstadt that I took an active part in organizing.
2. My adventures in the guise of having fun - my late-nighters at discos, my cyciling trip to Mainz and other such adventures.
3. My views on the piece about India in the extract from Mein Kampf, recommended to me by my friend Pallavi Rao.
4. My forthcoming proposed trip to Austria.

With this teaser, I sign off for the moment. But keep looking in this space in the coming days. Es lohnt sich (It is worth it). The interregnum is coming to an end.

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