April 02, 2009

UPDATE: Re-location etc.

OK. To those who wished me on my re-location and my "contesting" the elections, a big Thank You. But no, thanks!!!

Well, no, I did not for a moment expect that any one at all would be taken in by my prank on All Fool's Day. After all, tell me who falls for such things nowadays. No, not at all. Moreover, as is the custom in any April Fool's prank, I made it a point to provide indicators, like opting for an A-S-S for my election symbol. The timing of my "announcement" was another (just before midnight April 1st ).

And so was I stupefied, to find that quite a few people had indeed fallen for it. When I say quite a few, I mean about 30-35 people!!! And that is nearly 25% of those to whom I "announced" my decision to re-locate and contest the elections!!!

I do not know if I sounded really convincing, but as they say, if you really believe in something, you can also make others believe in you. It is akin to the usual spy mysteries, where a spy is trained to believe and assume the life of the character he/she is impersonating, so as to be convincing.

Yes, I see myself as some one who can flirt around with politics (Bhuvan -> Trouble -> Politics -- now you see the connection;) ). May be not tomorrow, but some time in the future I wish to take a plunge in politics, not that it will really happen, just that I want to.

May be that belief in myself made my prank sound all the more convincing...who knows!!!

With that note, I thank all those who wished me the best. And yeah, sorry for having made an election symbol (ass) out of you for April Fool's Day.


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