October 21, 2008

The Bhuvan Effect

Most probably you would already have heard of Murphy's law. In short it says: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Like the buttered side of a bread always falling face down when you drop it.

Well, my experiences here in Germany (so-called Ger'Mania', eponymous with this blog) have led some people here to formulate what is known as the "Bhuvan Effect". It is simply a corollary to Murphy's law. Put in simple terms, Bhuvan Effect states that: "Even if some thing can never ever go wrong, it still will." More clearly, if there are 'n' number of possible outcomes to an event, and none of them can go wrong, then there will surely be an 'n+1'th outcome that never existed before, which will simply turn out just when the event occurs.

No, I am not bluffing. Believe me, it has really occurred, and not just once. Even I found it hard to believe, but quite a few events in the past have led me to believe in the possibility of the existence of such an effect. And it is about these events that I will be blogging about on these pages in the coming time.

So, watch out for it - "The Bhuvan Effect". Cheers !!!

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