October 15, 2008

Im Herzen der Scheisse

I have always wanted to document my adventures in Deutschland by way of a book. Something on the lines of "A year in the Merde" (Stephen Clarke), giving it an equally atrocious name. Thought of quite a few titles, like "Eine Ewigkeit in der Scheisse" (a blatant and near-perfect copy of the title), "Sick of home", "Boo-1", etc., but decided against all these, as I did not feel any of these to reflect what I wanted to put in the book. Moreover, everytime I have sit down to write something, I have balked at it, as I always comfortably find a stumbling block (hehehe, some call it "laziness").

So it is really a surprise that I have now decided to get my hands dirty by starting to put some words on to paper. I have already started collecting points (yes, points !!!) for the book, like a list of events (read: adventures) to write about. Hope my dear friends and fellow conspirators would pitch in with their own reminscences and correct me and update me when and where I go wrong or forgetful. Once I have started writing, I can always think of a good title for the "book"...

Let me see if I really manage to get the show on the road!!! Cheers :)

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