March 09, 2005

Der Anfang

Cool..for ages I had been trying to do something worthwhile than just fooling around with my time...I have tried my hand at writing before...both publicly and otherwise..Some of my articles - technical and non-technical, poems, etc. have already been published in college journals during my Bachelors in India, before. Also I started writing a novelette (or was it an EPIC?)..I would deliberate on it some other time..but for the better part of my life, I have not tried seriously my hand at Journalism..At least now, let me do what I have liked always...well, at least one of let me give it a kick-start with these Blogging sessions!!!

I have always wanted to write my "Autobiography"..well stop laughing..PLEASEEEEEEEEE..will u kindly stop tumbling over the cliff with your guffaws??? I know autobiography and such stuff are only for people who have done something to write about..(I am deliberately avoiding using the word "achieved", coz you don't always have to 'achieve' something to write about yourself). But let me say that one day in the future I am sure going to put pen to paper and scribble whatever i hav done in my least those events that I remember!!!

If you are loooking for something literary or refined, I will forewarn you that you are bound to be disappointed buddy!!! May be some things you find here would be interesting only to myself and to no one else...but I just wanted to have a forum to start writing my brains out...almost everything I wanted to write..whether or not they make sense...

The my future I go!!! Es geht jetzt wirklich los!!!


Marco said...

Hallo Bhuvan!


Es freut mich sehr, Dich hier zu "sehen" - und auch wieder in Real Life.


shant said...

Hi Bhuvan,
How are you? Great to see your blogs, though sometimes I get lost, as I am out of context. Still great to hear the local happenings of a remote place(for me !!). Your's is a motivation for me to start a blog over here. Let us wait and see, whether I'm able to start one!!!. That's it see you for now.

With Luv and regards,
Shantosh S(Remember !!!).