March 13, 2005

Hair-do Hungama

Its Oscar season again. And competition has never been more fierce than now for a few of the awards that are on offer - especially for the best make-up (read hair-ishtyle!!!!). Now, here is one field where there is a runaway winner - Guess who??? Click here to have a close-up view of the man who has redefined what hair-styling is all about. (Photo to be uploaded soon.)

Well, the story goes thus...Seems that he was trying out his new hair trimmer, and was fiddling with the settings for the cut depth and such things. All hell broke loose when he did not know how the depth was scaled - a 1 meant a deep cut and a 5 a superficial one. Our poor guy reversed the settings, and ended up with a tuft of his precious mane in his hands. Less said the better of the guy who was actually doing the trimming. I heard he had a torrid time trying to choose which to hold back - his laughter or the tuft of hair in his hands. Wanted to savour a piece of his magnum opus I think.

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