March 26, 2005

NEW - XML Live Feed and Headline Animator

Was just playing around with the design of the site, and came up with some the Headline Animator and XML/RSS Live Feed for the site (feel free to fool around with these features on the right sidebar).

Quite a useful feature this Animator thing, available from FeedBurner, which also provides the XML Feed. One can use it to publicise his/her blogs, by appending an animated GIF picture as signature to his email or website. There are other interesting features too available from the site. Also got a XML/RSS reader - FeedDemon from the same site. Pretty cool and useful this one.

Also changed some settings for the site like replacing my ascetic-looking good-boyish pic with a casual one (this one was taken during a boat-ride at Luzern, Switzerland in August 2003). Hmmm...let me get my Thesis over with, and then I can devote more time to such stuff!!!

And by the way thanx a lot to Mr. M. for his comments and sincere wishes, for the completion of my Thesis..he joins the legion of my well-wishers who have so far been kept at bay regarding my lengthy sojourn!!!

More soon...Happy blogging and XMS Live feeding (??!!!)

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