March 12, 2005

Taxing Peter to allay Paul

I came acoss a good article today on (click here or the title of this post above), regarding the Government's right to tax the citizens over something. One particular aspect in the article that struck me was the author's comment that indicated the common man was taxed by one ministry (namely Finance) to cater to the whimsical spending (read squandering) of other ministries. How often have we seen profligate ministers fritter away the taxpayer's hard-earned money for something frivolous, or an inefficient ministry plan scuttling away all available resources? True that the sincere and hard-working citizen earns and pays his sweat as tax, and the Government (read the various esteemed departments of it) dissipates this money. Why should the citizen pay tax then? One toiling man paying so that some one else fools around with this hard-earned money???

And this brings me to another issue which I have been glossing over for quite some time now...It may sound scandalous, but I wonder if I may be right after all...

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