March 29, 2005

Twice, yeah...Coincidence, naah...

This is one for those of you who have been parched for life after the gutless performance of our dearest men in blue (though this time they were donning white flannels) against the men in green from across the border.

Once, they say, is an incident. Twice, coincidence. So the saying goes, thrice is a conspiracy. Say this to our friend R. Poor guy, his place (Delhi) has of late been in the news for all the wrong reasons. OK...incident, I agree. But what if both the times the places in news have something or the other to do with R? I mean both the DPS-MMS scandal last year, and this one at IIT-Delhi!!! For those uninitiated, here is a refresher regarding the DPS scandal.

And yeah, I forgot to mention something. DPS@RK-Puram, the site of the scandal, was the alma mater of R. And IIT-Delhi is where his brother studies. Now, that is something I would just not dismiss as a coincidence (though it has been two out of two times now). May be a conspiracy? Wait until the next episode unfurls, where else, but at DCE (Delhi College of Engineering)??? (That's where R had his Engineering degree from!!!)


Anonymous said...

Duh !!! Who is this R ...and what exactly r u trying to say ...what is the coincidence here??

Bhuvan said...

Hmmm...this particular post was aimed at my fellow students here at Darmstadt-Dieburg, and I thought they would understand whom I meant..Sorry I did not for a moment realise that outsiders would find it confusing..

Well, 'R' is a student from the new batch of Masters here at FH Darmstadt :-)


Anonymous said...

Dude, get a life. I was at IIT Delhi at the time this "scandal" happened. I have seen far worse things on page 15 of a junk daily. Come up with better ways to poke fun at your fellow students - I am sure you are more creative than that.