March 23, 2005

News from Darmstadt

Just got this teaser from Murali and Vidhya when I was at their place yesterday. Why not start a separate blog just for the news from the region - the current goings-on, who is meeting who, background politics, interesting events, upcoming events / functions, useful piece of info. for every one, etc. The site / blog would be updated very often to keep pace with the 'developments' at Darmstadt, Dieburg and Frankfurt. It will cater to all, but especially to students and those interested in this region.

An important fact about this blog is that it would contain only news and not views. It would serve as a reference page for any one interested in just catching up with what's on and what's not here at Darmstadt and its neighbourhood.

Inputs are welcome from everyone who has a piece of info. or news to share with others. You may update it yourself, or can e-mail it to me (just shoot the gun on the right side-bar) so I can put it on the page.

You may locate the blog at Enjoy...and blog it up!!! Cheers.

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